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Our Services

We happily provide exceptional services to patients age 8 years and older.

Dominion HealthCare Services

In light of the on-going battle with healthcare costs, this family wellness center was created by family nurse practitioner to provide affordable care to those who need it most. Nestled in the heart of one of Columbia's oldest communities we are changing the narrative. We happily provide exceptional services to patients age 8 years and older.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is the unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extract to treat symptoms of illness and other condition though not FDA approved for its medicinal use. Several scientific study of the chemical components it contains called cannabinoids has led to two FDA approved medications in a pill form.

Some studies have suggested that medical marijuana legalization might lead to decreased prescription of opioid use and overdose. Currently the 2 main cannabinoids THC and CBD have been known to have medicinal use. THC is used as an appetite stimulant, reduces nausea, pain, inflammation and improves muscle control problem. CBD does not make people high and has been found useful in reducing pain inflammation, seizure and mental illness. FDA approved CBD based liquid Epidiolex for childhood epilepsy and Draviet syndrome. Further research is being funded by NIH to explore THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids for medical treatment.

Do I qualify for use?

Chronic debilitation disease
Palliative care
Severe nausea
Chronic pain
Severe muscle spasm

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) is used as a replacement for dangerous opioids, effectively reducing cravings and curbing withdrawal. Medication should only be used in accordance with comprehensive treatment program managed by clinicians who determines an appropriate Suboxone therapy to prevent patients from building up further opioid resistance.

What is Suboxone

It is a medication used to treat opioid addiction. It contains buprenorphine and naloxone. WHO estimates that 15 million people suffer from opioid dependence. Suboxone is a partial agonist and occupies the brain opioid receptors without producing drowsiness ('high') that heroin produces in people. Suboxone has another ingredient Naloxone which is an antagonist that makes it difficult to abuse. Unlike Methadone which can be dispensed from specialized addiction clinics, suboxone can be prescribed from a physician office. Suboxone can produce dependence in users so its important that all taking medication remain under professional medical supervision.
For more information make an appointment by calling 443-848-9123.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive substances processed from morphine extracted form poppy seeds. It is an opioid like prescription drugs such as oxycodone, Hydrocodone, codeine. All these drugs are used for the relief of pain. Heroin is an illicit drug usually obtained from the street and has the potential to cause the drowsiness, slow heart rate, respiratory depression, and decreased mental function

Clinical Services

Acute (Sick Visits)

Upper Respiratory Infections

Allergies and Sinus

Asthma Flares

Ear Infections

Ear Irrigations

Eye Infections

Urinary Symptoms

STI screenings

Pregnancy Testing

Minor cuts not requiring sutures

Simple abscess drainage

Rashes and Eczema

Poison Ivy / Oak

Minor Animal bites (cat bites)

Minor abdominal complaints

Wart removal


Chronic Conditions


Diabetes Type 2





Other Services:

Routine and Travel Immunizations

TB Skin Test

Lab Services

Wellness visits

Back to school physicals

Sports physical

Adult annual / wellness exams

DOT Physicals

Smoking Cessation

Weight loss consultation (tlsslim.com/dominionhealthcare or click on weight management tab on this website!

Wellness visits

Insurances Accepted:

Medicare, Medicaid, Most commercial insurance.

What do I bring to my appointment?

An unexpired government issued ID for patients age 18 years and older (No school or parent IDs) insurance information.

Current medications or a current list including strength, frequency, and route.

Shots records for any child or adult requiring vaccination.
Please note we do not treat the following conditions:

Chronic pain management

Headaches: Migraines

Injuries or Accidents

Blood / Clotting disorders

Diabetic wounds / Ulcers

Depression / Anxiety

Psychiatric Illness / ADHD